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At Embee Power, we are equipped to handle all your industrial electrical needs. Whatever your specific requirements are, you can trust our industrial electricians to provide the services you need when you need them.

Complete Industrial Services & Support

Industrial electrical work and lighting can be challenging. Due to the sheer size of many industrial buildings in Orange County, it can be very difficult to envision a system that will accommodate the size of the space, as well as the workforce inside. Whether starting from the ground up or looking to replace and upgrade an already existing system, Embee Power is the team you need to get the job done.


Our commercial and industrial team of electricians and customer service representatives are always ready to help. With our state-of-the-art tools, meticulous code compliance techniques, and strict attention to detail, we continuously and reliably deliver functional industrial electrical services to even the most demanding factories, warehouses, and plants. In addition to the abovementioned, we also provide safe and efficient installation, service, and equipment for all offices, department stores, restaurants, malls, supermarkets, factories, hospitals, and laboratories.

Industrial Electrical Solutions

Below are a few services that Embee Power provides for the industrial area of electrical solutions for all clients that choose us as their provider. 


Although we would all like to think that, once installation and setup are complete, there will be no need for any follow up, we know that this isn’t the case. There are multiple factors that can contribute to a malfunction or an interruption in service including, but not limited to, environmental factors and human error. When something ‘trips up’, you can count on Embee Power to be there, ready to work hard to get everything back up and running, as it was meant to be.

When you go with Embee Power for your industrial setup and installation, you never have to worry about a potential loss of productivity decreasing your workflow and resulting in a decrease in business. We are always here, ready to answer your call and repair whatever is broken.

In fact, with our routine maintenance scheduling, you might never have a problem with any of your industrial electrical systems again! As part of our incredible customer service in Orange County, Embee Power will work with you to create a regular maintenance schedule that works for you and your business.

When you choose Embee Power, you gain peace of mind. Your industrial facility will run smoothly and efficiently when you install the electrical system it requires. Blown circuits and idle machinery will be things of the past once our highly trained professionals install or upgrade a reliable industrial electrical system that is capable of the highest performance possible.

With Embee Power, you will have industrial power where and when you need it. No outages. No problems.

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